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Nutrimol ® is a liquid mineral supplement which contains the following:
• fine and pure seaweed extracts  • copper • zinc  • magnesium chelates
Nutrimol ® contains over 60 essential trace elements, minerals and amino acids, with molasses added to increase palatability.

It is a nutritional package ideal for all animals including horses, sheep, beef, dairy, alpacas, lamas, ostriches, deer and poultry.

The Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders Limited (AASMB) is the federal association that represents six state Merino organizations and, through them, the approximately 1500 registered studs in all parts of Australia except the Northern Territory.

Elders Limited is Australia's leading rural services provider. The website includes Wool & Market Reports, Busines Tools, Futures Prices, Sales Rosters etc.

Landmark is Australia’s largest supplier of agribusiness products and services, operating from more than 400 outlets located throughout Australia. About half of these outlets are company-owned, the balance being owned and operated by franchises, agents and affiliate members.

ABC Rural Online, a gateway for ABC Online, is your one stop resource for ABC rural content on the web, incorporating material from ABC TV, Radio and Online.


Get up-to-date weather information direct from the Bureau


Australian Agriculture's gateway to the world of OnLine information. Compiled with the worldwide resources of Rural Press Limited.


The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources (DIPNR) drives, coordinates and streamlines land-use and transport planning, infrastructure development and natural resource management in New South Wales.
We incorporate the departments previously known as Land and Water Conservation (DLWC) and Planning NSW.